My goal with this blog is to explore the coffeeshops of Los Angeles, New York City, and anywhere else I should travel. I love people-watching and making observations about why people go to coffeeshops for things other than coffee. For example, I go to coffeeshops to write blog entries about coffeeshops.

The cafe of the day is Demitasse, a trendy little spot right by Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade. On their website they call themselves “a handful of coffee geeks from all walks of life tinkering with espresso, coffee and tea.” They have free wifi but no wall outlets, a clear message to the customers that you’re welcome to stay here as long as you want–or more realistically, as long as your laptop’s battery lasts. Or perhaps their goal is to encourage other activities, such as reading a book (there are two people reading books, one of them inking the pages with what must be some amusing commentary) or having a conversation (like the adorable couple at the counter holding hands and sipping their twin mini espresso cups).

One of the inexplicable signs hanging on the wall

However, I find myself one of five here studiously at work on their laptops (all MacBooks). There is something about a coffeeshop that inspires. Maybe it’s the smell of freshly brewed coffee, the presence of strangers who say no more than “Is this seat taken?” or the constant presence of white noise. Cups are moved, customers shift in their chair, the door opens and closes with people who are too busy to sit and enjoy a cup for a few minutes, and only have the time to get their drink and go. It’s one of the best places to write for me. Each new person that comes in is a new character, new inspiration for a story.

A typical member of the Demitasse clientele

The music playing today is quite a variety, with several old-school selections from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s like “Let the Good Times Roll” by Louis Jordan, “The Loco-Motion”  by Little Eva, and “Lollipop” by Ronald & Ruby.

Music: 6/10. Maybe stick to one genre or at least one decade.

Atmosphere: 7/10. The space is a little small and crowded to be comfortable or relaxing, but the decorations are minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing.

Coffee: 8.5/10. I will try to get the same drink (Americano) at every cafe I visit so I can better compare the quality of the espresso. It’s smooth and not bitter at all, but isn’t as strong as I would prefer. Bonus–they have almond milk in addition to the typical milk, cream, and sugar.

Location: 9/10. Free public parking nearby; a short walk from the Farmer’s Market, the Promenade, and the Pier.


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