Stone Spiral

Stone Spiral is a charming little cafe in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. You would never notice it while window-shopping in Maplewood, but if you’ve heard about it, it’s not hard to find. It doubles as a venue for musicians as well as an occasional casual worship space. On a Thursday afternoon at 4p.m., however, it is all about coffee, conversation, and books. Their bookshelves are home to over 100 various titles. The atmosphere of the space is comfortable but not sleepy, which is a good thing when you need to get some work done. I came here with my brother and sister to do some studying over Christmas break and absolutely loved it. They had no music, so I didn’t have to worry about cancelling out any background music when listening to my own stuff. Most of the customers were there with friends, and so there were noticeably fewer laptops than I have seen in L.A. coffeeshops. Quiet conversation and the smells of coffee and chai tea filled the two rooms that make up the main area of the shop. It’s open, not crowded, but it would never feel empty. And the best part of all – there are outlets available for use throughout the cafe, and fast wifi available to all customers.

Coffee – 8/10. Just a little bitter, but overall really good. I sampled some chai tea as well, which was sweet and delicious.

Atmosphere – 9.5/10. The only thing I might change is adding a couple of comfy chairs or couches for those who don’t have work to do. This is definitely my favorite kind of space for drinking coffee, working, and just chilling; the smell of books and the overall feel of things is peaceful, quiet, and friendly.

Location – 6/10. It’s within walking distance for a lot of people in the neighborhood, but it’s really out of the way, not close to any other shops, and not on one of the main streets of Maplewood.

Music – N/A. No music playing, but was not a problem!


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