Cafecito Organico

A friend recommended this cafe to me and after visiting, I’m confident in recommending it to whoever may be reading this blog. For a trendy cafe in Malibu, Cafecito Organico is very affordable and offers an excellent selection of brewed coffee, espresso drinks, and tea. The cafe is also attached to a bookstore, and it’s located in a small shopping center with lots of outdoor seating. One drawback is the lack of seating indoors–you would think they’d have at least a few chairs for customers who want to buy a book and read it while drinking a coffee. They do have a large table where you can stand and read or use a laptop, but there was only one person doing so when I visited. There were no outlets in sight, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It creates an atmosphere that is less about work and more about social interaction.

This is the kind of coffeeshop that you enter just to get your coffee, and perhaps browse the bookstore, and then take your cup to go or wander around the area, doing a little window-shopping or chatting with friends at one of the outdoor seating areas. I actually didn’t notice if there was any music playing, so unfortunately I can’t comment on that. I don’t think it’s a good place to do work or to study, but it would be great for a meeting, discussing a group project, or just hanging out with friends.

Most importantly, the coffee is amazing. My Americano was the perfect temperature and smoothness, with absolutely no bitterness. They had almond milk and a pleasantly surprising number of options for sweeteners, including agave nectar and molasses syrup (I tried and enjoyed the agave nectar; next time I will give the molasses a try).


Coffee: 10/10. I wouldn’t change anything about the coffee. My friend also got a hot chocolate and it was incredible. I do wish they had soy milk as an option, but I’m probably becoming spoiled with all the options that Los Angeles coffee shops tend to have, like hemp and coconut milk.

Atmosphere: 8/10. I wish there were seating options indoors, but it’s a really nice atmosphere, very relaxing and casual, and the shopping center has great outdoor seating and decor.

Location: 10/10. It’s right by the beach with a lovely view of the mountains, and it’s located next to Lily’s Cafe, SunLife Organics, and a number of other places, including a bank and a grocery store. Parking is almost always available in the lot except at their busiest hours.


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