On one of my last days in New York City, while wandering through the Washington Heights area, I stumbled upon this eclectic cafe called Taszo. They offer a huge variety of drinks and food, an espresso bar, and a selection of wines. The espresso in my Americano was mild and buttery with a little bit of a bitter aftertaste. I also had a small macaroon to accompany my coffee. They offer coconut and French macaroons along with a variety of other pastries. The macaroon I had was tasty and warmly comforting, but surprisingly a little spicy; I think it was ginger and cinnamon-flavored.

In addition to the coffee and pastry selection, I really enjoyed the layout of the space as well as their decorations. The ceiling is very high and one entire wall is mostly window, which really brightened up the space during the daytime. Decor is industrial-era appliances and trinkets, like typewriters, sewing machines, and vintage cameras. Some of the paintings seemed haphazardly chosen, but the combination of all of these little unique details added up to a charming, cozy atmosphere that is quiet enough for studying but spacious enough to have a conversation with a friend or the barista without disturbing the other customers.

Coffee: 6/10. Not my favorite coffee, but not bad at all! I prefer espresso to be a little stronger and more acidic rather than buttery flavor.

Music: 8/10. I think the music added another dimension to the eclectic collection of styles that are happening in this cafe. When I visited, they were playing upbeat world music – it sounded like Spanish and French, but it could have been anything.

Location: 6/10. It would be a little hard to find if you didn’t know what you were looking for, and it’s very much out of the way of all the major tourist attractions. However, it is right next to a subway entrance for the 1 line, so it’s not terribly inconvenient.

Atmosphere: 9/10. I was really digging the atmosphere, and I would love to come back someday with a good book or a notebook to spend a few hours writing and people-watching by the window.


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