Collective Cafe

Collective Cafe is in the West Village area of NYC and serves Australian-inspired beverages and light, healthy food. I just stopped in to get a coffee to go while exploring the adorable Greenwich Village, but I really enjoyed the design and style of the cafe. It’s a very simple theme, not pretentious or too avant-garde like… Continue reading Collective Cafe

Cafecito Organico

A friend recommended this cafe to me and after visiting, I’m confident in recommending it to whoever may be reading this blog. For a trendy cafe in Malibu, Cafecito Organico is very affordable and offers an excellent selection of brewed coffee, espresso drinks, and tea. The cafe is also attached to a bookstore, and it’s located… Continue reading Cafecito Organico

Stone Spiral

Stone Spiral is a charming little cafe in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. You would never notice it while window-shopping in Maplewood, but if you’ve heard about it, it’s not hard to find. It doubles as a venue for musicians as well as an occasional casual worship space. On a Thursday afternoon at 4p.m.,… Continue reading Stone Spiral

Coffeeshop Playlist

There is no one type of music that is perfect for playing in a coffeeshop. Many simply have a radio station playing. However, some of the most popular places have created a specific atmosphere that is enhanced by the song selection. Starbucks, for example, creates approved playlists for use in its stores around the world;… Continue reading Coffeeshop Playlist